Silom Dental Office Clinic offers dental implant/implants, dental crowns, dental treatment and other products like cosmetic dentistry/dentist, teeth bleaching and tooth whitening.

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Ultimate dental service in Thailand includes every specialized treatments : Lingual Braces, Invisalign, Orthodontics or braces, Dental implants, One day implant, Laser tooth whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Veneer, Dental crowns, Teeth Bleaching, Dental bridges, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeryincluding regular dental check up.

Silom Dental Clinic Bangkok, Thailand is a specialized dental health provider which has an executive structure similar to that of a “dental hospital” with a holistic approach to treatment standardization in all areas of dental work.

Implant Promotion (per implant)

dental implant

Teeth-in-an-Hour™ Promotion

ALL-ON-4™ Teeth-in-an-Hour™ Promotion

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  Snap on smile Promotion

    All Ceramic Crown/Bridge Promotion (per tooth)

    Porcelain Veneer Promotion (per tooth)

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    Zoom Teeth Whitening Promotion

Zoom Teeth Whitening

    Laser Teeth Whitening Promotion

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    Platinum Elite Provider

have the highest level of experience with Invisalign treatment based on the number of patients treated.


    Dental Extreme Makeover

Create your new look, Create your beautiful smile in just a few days.

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deliver advantages in all types of bone and in compromised situations, especially in softer bone.


So far we are the first and only dental clinic in Thailand having the authentic 3D Procera planing software for NobelGuide surgical stent.

    Introduce CAD/CAM ,Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing and Procera Forte.
  • Strength Ideal for any position in the mouth, using traditional prep techniques to cement or bond in place.
  • Natural Beauty
  • Optimal Fit
  • 5-Year Warranty On Coping
  • Shaded Core
  • exhibit low wear against opposing natural dentition
  • extreme biocompatibility with surrounding soft tissues
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  Customized abutment
solution provides optimal function and esthetics for patient-specific, cement-retained abutments.

    Zygoma Implant

For extreme upper jaw cases with severe bone resorption. Only 1 surgical and without ridge augmentation and bone graft.


The new concept represents a giant step forward in the development of implant treatment protocols.

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  Beautiful Teeth Now™

for highly-esthetic concerned area and long lasting natural looking implant.

    One day implant

Immediate implant in one day, one visit surgery with a temporary crown.


Fast, fixed and cost effective, Immediate Function in upper and lower jaws.

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  Immediate Function Implant

dental implant

Immediate implant in one day one visit surgery.



can make everyone's smile more beautiful without removal of painful Tooth structure!

    ILUMA™ CT scanner

High resolution images & full-volume rendering, cross-sectional viewing for Orthodontic and Implants applications.

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  Lingual Braces

Lingual appliances are invisible, These are applied behind the teeth, no one notice...when the patient is wearing them.

    Light Lingual System

A new look at lingual (esthetics, comfortable, fast, simple and no limitation)

    New Clear Aligner

Completely changes the traditional views of retention. Contact clarity for improved esthetics.

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  Clarity™ SL

Self-Ligating Brackets, Durable, translucent ceramic bracket, fewer - faster appointments and faster treatment.

    Damon 3

Less Friction, Low Forces, More Efficient Tooth Movement, Superior Tooth Control...

    WildSmiles Brackets

the cool braces, "heart and star" designed by a Board certified Orthodontists, creating an exciting buzz.

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  IPS e.max®

all ceramic all you need, Optimizing Strength and Esthetics.

    Cercon ® smart ceramics

Smart Ceramics with super strength and beautifully contoured bridges that make it the intelligent alternative to PFMs.

    Procera ®

nobel procera

Natural beauty, Natural light transmission, Maximum strength, Optimal fit, Superior Esthetics, Non-porosity, Masks Discoloration, Fracture Resistant...

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  IPS Empress Esthetic

Create edge of your teeth clear like natural. Increased flexural strength, excellent press results, heightened aesthetics.

    Microscope assisted RCT

Experience the highest degree of safety and precision. See the smallest structures which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

    Tooth Stem Cell

There is an abundant source of adult stem cells in milk teeth and or wisdom teeth.

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Silom Dental Building, the dental clinic in Thailand with ISO 9001 : 2000
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
by the international recognized BVQI accreditation of the United Kingdom Accreditation service [UKAS]
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