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Dental Thailand : Dental Bangkok

Silom Dental Building (Dental Thailand), established in April 2002 with a vision that it should be a prototype for clinics which make available dentists in all areas of specialization, and also follow standards of modern medical/dental practice. It will offer dental services to dental patients who usually go to general practice dental clinics. However, those general practice clinics cannot offer treatments in their entirety due to below-standard of modern health care provider in accordance with the amended Health Care Provider Act of 1998, which dictates that health care providers shall abide by the rules of the Act being that the people shall have access to primary care, as well as secondary and tertiary care (which includes sending patients to experts), and that the treatment procedures and services should bring about the patients’ satisfaction.

Silom Dental Building (Dental Thailand) is specialized dental health provider which has an executive structure similar to that of a “dental hospital” with a holistic approach to treatment standardisation in all areas of dental specialists. A team of specialists in dentistry will supervise the treatment and services through Silom Dental Building (Dental Thailand) Quality Control Centre.

Silom Dental Building’s Dental Team and Staff’s Experience and Expertise

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Silom Dental Building (Dental Bangkok) has an executive team composed of dentists with MBA degrees, who have also taken courses in hospital management, skilled in dental management, who are well-informed, capable, and have had 10 or more years of experience in dental practice.

Silom Dental Building (Dental Bangkok) has a team of dentists with post-graduate degress in all areas of specialization. They have the knowledge ability, proficiency, and experience, and are well-known in their fields. They received post-graduate, master, and doctoral degrees in their areas of specialization from prominent institutions, both in Thailand and abroad. Most are university professors who also lecture and train dental students at an undergraduate and post-graduate level.

Furthermore, Silom Dental Building (Dental Bangkok) has a staff team as well as a team of advisors which are skilled and experienced in managing hospitals and dental clinics in both public and private hospitals. Having graduated from leading institutions and having familiarity with HA standards, the advising team will train dental staff such as dental assistants, dental technician, and service technician; and train personnels in areas of dental databases and clinical services.

Silom Dental Building (Dental Bangkok) is a dental care provider with an emphasis in providing a comprehensive dental care in all areas of specialization.

Vision : We will be a leader of quality and up-to-standard dental care provider, using up-to-date technology.

Mission Statement : Silom Dental Building is committed to providing quality dental care utilizing up-to-date technology with an international standard, by means of quality personnels; for the customers’ satisfaction and contentment of the service providers.

Policy : We are dedicated to offering up-to-standard dental care to provide for the customers’ needs and for their greatest satisfaction.

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